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In this Blog we will be examining the 121 best ways to make money on the side. We will be giving recommendations as we find profitable endeavors.

money on the side

Earning extra money on top of your day job can improve many areas of your life:

  • Less stress from living paycheck to paycheck
  • Reduce the burden of crippling debt
  • More opportunities to save for a dream vacation
  • It can be passed on to others for social good
  • You can retire earlier
  • It can be snowballed into even more wealth

The purpose of this blog is to serve as a source of viable ideas for you to make extra money.

There are hundreds of ways to make money on the side. However, we will not want to waste our time with things that cannot produce a Full-time Recurring Income. We will also not review an option that is scam-my. We will also not review options which will just take too much of your private time. 

I am sure that you would like time to spend your side income with your family and friends!

money on the side

Below are Tips and reviews for great opportunities. Many of these opportunities have free training and workshops.

These are not “Get Rich Quick” schemes and you will have to put in some work. However, These are very lucrative opportunities with enough support, training, software and customer service to ensure you are a Success. Each opportunity will suite a different type of person. 121 ways to make money on the side recommendations:


Internet Marketing is the No.1 recommended way to make any amount of money you need. 

PRO’s – It’s the future of all trade and it can be scaled to generate any type of income.

Con’s -There is a lot of scams and there is a learning curve.

Recommendation – “Super Affiliate System” by John Crestani. This course and software shows you exactly what you need to do in an easy effective way. This resembles buying a franchise as you will be working hand in hand with John and his staff.


The world of online investing offers great opportunity. Many millionaires are created this way. “MicroCap Millionaires” offers great ways to invest money wisely and effortlessly.

PRO’S – This is Stock Trading in smaller growing companies which is a great asset. Microcap Millionaires does all the analysis and tells you what to invest in. There is also full training in all aspects of “Penny Stock Trading”.

CON’S – All investments carry a financial risk.


Every business needs Leads and Prospects. With “Growth Commander” you can generate massive amounts of leads.

PRO’S – You can create leads for your business or offer and increase your income. You can generate leads for other’s and charge them for it. Full training and support provided.

CON’S – There will be a bit of a learning curve.


80% of the time, surveys are a waste of time. This product offers great opportunities for high paying surveys and other tasks. 

PRO’S – You get access to hundreds of companies that pay income replacement cash for surveys and tasks.

CON’S – This needs some manual labour and some of your time.


Yes, you get paid to play games online. Most of these are new games and need to be tested for play quality.

PRO’S – You get paid to test games!

CON’S – Games will take quite a bit of your time.


Benefit from short term rentals. This is a great course on how you can make money through AIRBNB (now the worlds largest rental group)

PRO’S – You can earn great money through rental property, holiday accommodation etc… This course will give you access and training to everything you need. You don’t need to own property.

CON’S – You will need to pay attention to detail.


This is the easiest online money to be generated.

Pro’s: This is an amazing way to generate up to $1500 per month easily. This can increase as you up-skill. 

You only need to apply for certain projects available. All of the projects has sufficient training to show you what you need to do.

Cons: It takes a while for them to clear you for each project.

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How would you like to make a little symbol and earn $6000.

You may not know this but there is a multi-million dollar business built around simple phrases, simple words and slogans.

Here is the opportunity for you to use that quick comeback or bitchy remark of yours and turn it into a slogan.

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Discover the secrets to writing for a living. Companies need your help for their websites, blogs and social media.

Every day, there are hundreds of quality companies and small businesses looking to hire writers for salaried jobs, freelance gigs and easy writing services. There are more opportunities than they can fill and we’ll show you how and where to find them.

But more than that, if you want to take this even further, we’ll teach you to leverage your writing skills to start your own business.  You’ll know exactly how to use your existing talents (or how to outsource the work to others), to create ongoing passive income from home…


Get this Awesome Three Step Affiliate Training now. If you know these three steps to affiliate marketing you do not need any other training again. 

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Yes, I know there are not 121 ways yet. We personally test most of these recommendations, so it takes some time to give you good opportunities.

You can complete the form below if you want to receive updates when we add additional opportunities. Please take this time to “share” this with your friends. Thank you.

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